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Building and Zoning

What is the purpose of zoning?
Zoning allows a city to control the development of land within the community—both the type of structures built and the uses to which the land is put.  The City of Walker uses a zoning to guide development and to ensure land gets used in a way that promotes both the best use of the land and the prosperity, health, and welfare of the city’s residents. 

By creating zoning districts that separate uses, the City assures adequate space is provided for each use and a transition area or buffer exists between distinct and incompatible uses. Adequate separation of uses prevents congestion, minimizes fire and other health and safety hazards, and keeps residential areas free of potential commercial and industrial nuisances such as smoke, noise and light.
Here is a link to City of Walker Zoning Map   2019 Zoning Map
Link to Cass County Mapping: Cass County GIS mapping
If you would like to find out what zone you are located in click on the Cass County mapping link above.
On the legend located on the left click on Municipal Data, click on Walker, check mark for Zoning; then on top tabs click the binoculars and enter your parcel number. For City residents it will always start with 96-. For example City Hall is 96-337-2510, then click on Run Search.

Do I need a building Permit?

Property owners should be aware that the City of Walker has adopted the Minnesota State Building Code. With this adoption, property owners need to remember that a building permit is needed for most projects. Roofing, siding, decks, windows, doors, additions, basement finish, remodels, plumbing and heating are all jobs that need a permit. Permits are not required for cosmetic improvements such as painting, kitchen cabinets, floor covering and normal maintenance or repairs without structural changes.

So you may be asking yourself, why do I need a building permit? Building permits are the means the City of Walker uses to reduce potential hazards and unsafe practices thereby ensuring the public health, safety and welfare of its residents.

The adoption of the State Building Code can serve as a benefit to the community in a number of ways. Even in these economic times, your home is an investment. If your construction project does not comply with City Codes, the value of your investment could be greatly reduced. Property insurers may not cover work without permits and inspections.

Before starting a home improvement project call City Hall at 218-547-5503.
Permit application forms can be found on our website: City of Walker Forms; Building and Zoning

Other types of permits include but aren’t limited to are:

  • Fence
  • Chicken
  • Sign
  • Temporary Liquor
  • Fireworks
  • Burning
  • Excavating
  • Street Closure
  • Park Pavilion
  • Rock Garden
  • Land Use