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Public Works Department

Walker Water Works Hardness of Water Level:
The average water hardness is 27 grains per gallon or 280 mg/L
The Fluoride averages .7 mg/L

List of authorized or licensed excavators,
to install water and sewer within the City of Walker.

Aspen Construction: 218-675-5808
Andrew’s Plumbing: 218-536-1007
Lindy’s Plumbing: 218-224-2274
Northland Septic: 218-675-5999
T & C Excavating: 218-820-5385
Young’s Excavators: 218-675-6909
M&T Excavating: 218-556-3407

If you have a contractor that you want to for a project, and they are not on this list. Please contact the public works director at 218-547-5504 for the requirements for working on or installing water and sewer within the city limits of Walker.


They are mailed by the 10th of the month, usually received by the customer within the first week of the month.
They are always due the 24th of the month.
The base rate for water/sewer service is $54.00 for those in zones R, LDR, MFR, and TC. (typically residential homes)

The base rate for water/sewer service is $57.00 for those in zones CDB, GC, WC, I and P. (typically commercial businesses) For every 1000 gallons that goes through your meter add $5.50 on top of the base rate shown above. So if you go through 3000 gallons, add $16.50 to your base rate and that is your bill.

Section 28-96 of our City Ordinance; here is a summary:

The City of Walker maintains and repairs any and all leaks or breaks that occur in over 20 miles of water lines that deliver clean, safe drinking water to Walker Water Works customers.  Your responsibility extends from the main up to the curb stop into your home. In the City of Walker homeowners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of their water service line including the line from main to curb stop and into the house.

If your water service line is damaged or leaking, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to fix the problem. The cost to repair or replace the water service line can be expensive and inconvenient. Repairs must be made by a licensed plumber and may involve excavation of the line, destruction and replacement of roadway or other structures.
A curb stop is the valve that allows the City to turn water service on and off to a home. It is typically located in your front yard and is most often recognized by the lid that sits at ground level.
In our ordinance Section 28-134 part (A); it clearly denotes who is responsible.

(A)    Responsibility.  All accounts shall be carried in the name of the owner who personally, or by his or her authorized agent, shall apply for such service.  The owner shall be liable for water supplied to the property, whether he or she is occupying the property or not, and any charges unpaid shall be a lien upon the property.

If you would like a tenant/renter or other party to receive a bill, please fill out the Joint Application for Water/Sewer Service application. You can find the application on the City of Walker website at or by picking one up at City Hall.