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Walker City Code:

Sec. 2-1. - Form of Government.
The City shall operate under the Optional Plan A form of government as set out in Minn. Stats. Ch. 412. 

Sec. 2-49. - Administrator/City Clerk-Treasurer.
(a) Duties generally. The administrator/city clerk-treasurer shall be appointed to an indefinite term by the city council. The administrator/city clerk-treasurer shall not be a member of the city council. The clerk/administrator shall perform the following duties: supervise all city employees, including the police department. 
(b) Fees. For certified copies, and for filing and entering papers not related to city business, the administrator/city clerk-treasurer shall receive the fees allowed by law to city clerks; but the council may require the administrator/city clerk-treasurer to pay such fees into the city treasury. 
(c) Disbursement authority.
      (1) The administrator/city clerk-treasurer is delegated authority to approve disbursements of public funds as follows:
                a. Claims not to exceed $2,000.00.
                b. Judgements.
                c. The principal or interest on obligations where the exact amounts have been previously approved by contract.
                d. Rent. 
                e. Other fixed chargers determined under a contract which the council has previously authorized. 
                f. Wages which have been previously set by either the council or state law. 
                g. Municipal liquor store purchases.
                h. Replenishment of the petty cash fund. 
      (2) The council shall regularly and frequently review the administrator/city clerk-treasurer's actions and list of all claims paid under the procedures established in subsection (c)(1) of this section shall be presented to the council for informational purposes only at the next regularly scheduled meeting after payment of the claim.