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Library Board

  • Sec. 16-19. - Creation.

    The city council shall maintain a public library for the free use of the residents of the city. The council shall establish a library board whose duty it shall be to inform the council of library business and conduct such business according to the desires of the council. The laws concerning municipal library boards, Minn. Stats. §§ 134.07—134.15, are hereby adopted by reference.
    (Code 1986, § 3-306; Code 2000, § 94.01)

  • Sec. 16-20. - Library board.

    The mayor, with the approval of the council, shall appoint a board of seven members.
    (Code 1986, § 3-306; Code 2000, § 94.02)

    State Law reference— Library board authorization, membership and powers, Minn. Stats. § 134.09; vacancies on library board and library board compensation, Minn. Stats. § 134.10; organization and powers of library board, Minn. Stats. § 134.11; annual report of library board, Minn. Stats. § 134.13.